shepherds of love ministriesBecause of their sincere heart for people to know and discover Jesus as well as their track record of integrity, Grace Church has supported Shepherds of Love for over ten years. We have found them to not only be more than reliable in regard to Godly stewardship, but unapologetically “Jesus first” people!!”
– Pastor Steve Eden of Grace Church, Choctaw, OK

Dear Teresa, Thank you for speaking at our Auxiliary Meeting…..I somehow had a very incomplete concept of the mission of Shepherds of Love; your organization is much broader, more comprehensive, and Christ-centered than I realized. Thank you again.
– Peggy

Have you ever met a warrior of God…one sister in Christ who wears the full armor of God…one woman who is a true believer in God who shows it every minute?  I have. Shepherds of Love Ministries and founder Teresa Rountree will blow your mind away on her story of when she became a believer and how she started this Ministry of prayer, utility assistance for families and Veterans and a constant resource for those in need of referrals for just a leg up on life’s sudden and unexpected difficulties.  Even if her clients don’t want prayers, she will pray for them anyway.  Love and Kindness ALWAYS win and I support this Ministry with all my heart!  When Teresa gave a presentation at a recent luncheon, she put forth the question “How will you respond to God’s  whisper?”  Indeed, Food for thought!

Never in my many years of ministry have I witnessed so excitedly what one woman could do to help so many lives as had Teresa Rountree. Her dream to keep people in their homes with utilities running has been realized over and over. So many have been saved great loss by her directing donations to pay bills while these helpless ones struggled to get their feet under them. Teresa has made all the difference in her selfless and tireless service. It is my great pleasure to know and call her friend in Christ!
– Dr. Jeri Graham Edmonds


Thank you for the devotional book “Jesus Calling.” I read it everyday and it always seems appropriate to my circumstances. God bless SOLM.
Love, Jennifer

Thank you for your outpouring of love offerings and blessings to me with utility assistance. When you called last month and told me of a special offering for my needs I just couldn’t believe it. I was terribly ill for 2 weeks, I did not even have the strength to pray for help. The Holy Spirit was truly looking after me through your ministry.
God bless you all and your mission! Elisabeth

Thank you for fulfilling the need of one of your “Dear Sheep” through this gift in my Mother Elsie’s honor. God Bless You for helping “This One” on Mother’s Day.
In Christ your sister in Sacramento, Elyse

What a God send this ministry has been to my family during a time when one of our family members went through cancer. I can’t thank you enough for your prayers and all your generosity! Your ministry is a God send. I pray you will be blessed abundantly.
God bless your loving heart, Cindy

Thank you so much for paying my gas and electric bills last month. It has helped tremendously and I appreciate it very much. It makes your “praise report” even bigger when you share with friends and family members that someone you don’t even know has helped you. Truly God is working through your ministry.
Thank you, Molly

Thank you for your faithfulness to the call of the Lord on your life. SOLM has blessed many as you have honored Him.
Blessings, Phylis

Thank you for hearing my cry for help and responding. The prayer over the phone and financial aid truly helped during my time of physical healing.
Bless you, Sandie

Thank you. A kind heart brings delight to God. Bless this ministry for your caring spirit and your willingness to give of your time to so many in need. I appreciate you being the “wings” for my angel.
Blessings, Amy

Dear kind people of Shepherds of Love, Thank you so very much for the book Jesus Calling! This book helped point me to scriptures in the Bible where I found hope. It was a big surprise to find a package in the mailbox that was not a medical bill. Your timing was great in sending this and thank you for paying my utility bills. I thank God for you!

Dear SOLM, Thank you for assisting us with our utility bills.  Your precious card and gift completely blessed our hearts. Jesus used you to remind us once again that He knows our every need and loves us  deeply. Thank you for listing to His voice and loving us.
‐ Terry, Joy, Makayla & Abby 

Thank you so much for being a generous reminder of God’s love.  You both have been a lifesaving  blessing to me and my son.
‐ Joe 

Dear Ones, Our Heavenly Father keeps me in awe of how He provides for us.  I cease not to give “Thanks’ for the countless times you have blessed me.  Our God surely does take care of this widow  woman.
Love, “This One” Sandra 

Thank you so much for your note! I rejoice and praise God with you! You have given me hope, lifted my spirit and increased my faith! Thank you for sharing with me your testimony of life struggles. The  ministry sure helped me during a great time of distress.
‐  Lucinda