Sharing Christ, Offering Hope,

Ministering to the Needy in Crisis

Pay a Utility Bill for a Family in Crisis at Chic-fil-A

Visit Chic-fil-A at 33rd & Broadway in Edmond, Ok to select a tag and pay a utility bill for a family in crises. All instructions are printed on the back of each tag, along with a donation envelope attached for your convenience. We are 501(c)(3), nonprofit. Tax receipts will be mailed to you in January.

Are You New to Shepherds of Love?

Read our Newsletter and discover how Shepherds of Love shares Christ, offers hope, and ministers to the needy in crisis.

Who We Are

Shepherds of Love  is a non-profit ministry based in Edmond, OK providing encouragement to the poor by offering the Gospel of Christ and emergency financial assistance to people in crisis situations.

The following 10 minute film reveals the tremendous need in our community and how Shepherds of Love responds in a biblical way.

What We Do

In an effort to minimize costs and better utilize our donations, SOLM will no longer be sending out monthly tax receipts. Your canceled check will be proof of our donation. We will however send an annual statement of donations received for tax purposes; these will be mailed during the month of January to all donors. We will continue to send Thank You letters and the newsletter informing you of the progress of SOLM.

Please note the following Hours of Operation for Assistance. Applications are accepted by telephone only (405-348-5195) Monday - Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Applications sent by email will not be considered. Please do not send an email requesting assistance.